Cal State Smogs

Registration Services & Vin Verification 

Smog Check in Livermore 

We are a family owned smog check station in Livermore, CA. We have been in business for over 10 years and also provide DMV Registration Services & VIN Verification.

We Are STAR CERTIFIED AND can complete all California State Required Smogs.

  • No appointment needed. Quick turn around time.
  • Walk-Ins Welcomed (15-20 minutes per test)
  • We provide vehicle registration and stickers same day.




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DMV Services we provide

1. Annual Renewal (Pay Your Fees Here & Get Sticker and Registration Card At Same Time)

2. Title Transfer (Change Of Ownership)

3. Out Of State Title Transfer (We Provide New License Plates, Registration & Sticker Same Day)

4. Substitute Plates & Substitute Stickers (Lost/Stolen Plate & Sticker Replacements)

5. Trailer Registration (In State or Out Of State We Do It All)

6. Boat Vessel Registration (In State Or Out Of State We Do It All)

7. Off Road Vehicle Registration or Title Transfer (Dirt Bikes,Quads,Snowmobiles, Green Sticker Or Red Sticker)

8. Permanent Fleet Registration (PFR Stickers,GVWR Stickers)

9. Vin Verification (At Our Location or Mobile)

10. Legal Owner Transfer (Taking Out Bank From Title)

11. Duplicate Title Transfer

12. Special Interest Plates Assing or Reassign

13. Out Of State Registration 

14. EXEMPT Plates 

15. Permanent Trailer Plates

16. Motorcycle Registration or Ttitle Transfer ( In State or Out Of State )

17. Junk Slip.

18. 1 Day Moving Permits


Stop Waiting Long Lines At DMV!

We Provide Vehicle Registration Service At Our Location.

Pay Your Dmv Fees Here And Get Your Sticker & Registration Card At Same Time!

CAL STATE SMOGS (925)456-7664